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Informace o novém update na 1.3

Chcete vědět informace o Minecraftu 1.3 ? Poté čtete na našem serveru tento článek.

Co update přinese na minecraft serveru ?

  • Změny v kódu hry – bude plynulejší hra
  • Hráč uvidí kostky, které ostatní hráči rozbíjejí
  • Demo mód pro neregistrované hráče Minecraftu
  • Adventure Mode
  • Velké biomy jako typ mapy
  • Nové itemy – Emerald, Emerald Ore, Block of Emerald, Ender Chest, Tripwire.

List dalších změn si můžete prohlédnout pod tímto seznamem.

Ostatní změny v angličtině

Large amount of internal changes.[1] Will be able to see blocks other players are mining/breaking in MP [2] Demo mode playable through non-premium Minecraft.net accounts.[3] Added Adventure Mode but it still needs more work. [4] „Large Biomes“ world type.[5] Creative Mode updates Ender Portal Frames added in Creative Mode While in Creative Mode, players can supply a powered minecart with fuel by right clicking it as if they were holding coal. Flying in Creative Mode is no longer affected by water and lava. ⇧ Shift-clicking in Creative improved. Potions will be in the creative inventory screen.[6] Improved creative inventory screen. Category Tabs and Searching Survival Inventory Tab „Backpack“ inventory, 2×2 crafting grid, armor, and deletion box. Singleplayer will be a local server.[7] Optional bonus chests placed close to the player when creating a new Singleplayer world.[3] Hardcore in multiplayer (HMP).[8] Removed the downwards knockback while drowning. Rain will slowly drip through leaves. Blocks & Items Added Emerald Added Emerald Ore. Added Block of Emerald[9]. Added Ender Chest. Drops 8 obsidian when broken without Silk Touch. Has one inventory per player. Added Sandstone Stairs. Added Cocoa Plants that generate on the sides of jungle trees, which can be harvested for cocoa. Cocoa Beans have a new texture. Cocoa Beans drop from jungle tree leaves at the same rate as apples. Added Tripwire Hooks.[10][11] The hooks are connected (up to 40 blocks)[12] by string, which will be placeable.[13] Tripwires work on all entities.[12] Added Book and Quill and Written Book. Ability to write in Book and Quill (up to 50 pages), save them to edit later, and sign them and title them to finish off the book. Added a new type of Golden Apple[14]. with attributes the Golden Apple had before 1.1[15]. Added Bottle o‘ Enchanting to survival mode. Added Chainmail Armor to survival mode. New slabs and stairs of the 3 new plank types. Wood slabs behave as wood, not as stone. New Gravel texture. New Dispenser features: Dispensers will eject water and lava source blocks (from buckets). Will also take water and lava source blocks if there is an empty bucket inside. Will be able to place Minecarts on rails and Boats in water. Stackable items now stack outside inventory when thrown to the ground individually. Specific names for different Wood, Wooden Planks, Leaves, Saplings, Sandstone, Stone Bricks, and Monster Eggs. (e.g. Oak Wood, Birch Plank, Spruce Leaves, Jungle Sapling, Smooth Sandstone, Chiseled Stone Bricks, Stone Monster Egg).[5] Redstone (including repeaters, torches, levers, and pressure plates), Torches and Rails can now be placed on slabs and stairs positioned upside down. Levers can now be attached to the bottom of a block. Wooden Pressure Plates detect arrows. When exposed to rain, Cauldrons have a possibility of slowly filling with water. Removed old Chest texture, causing Locked Chests to appear purple. The player can now see the cracking effect on blocks when other players mine blocks in multiplayer. Inventory, crafting & smelting Different crafting recipe for books. Easier item manipulation within inventory Brewing Stands allow use of shift clicking to put items in it. ⇧ Shift+clicking can now be used to wear armor. Empty Buckets are now stackable up to 16.[16][17] Wooden tools can be burned in furnaces. XP and Enchanting Silk Touch will be able to pick up Ender Chests, Ice, and Glass Panes.[18] The first 16 levels are linear, while level 17+ require more points per level to the maximum level of 30 (although one can still have more than 30 XP levels to spend). XP orbs can now be gained through mining ores, and using a furnace for smelting. Enchantment has been reorganized so the higher/stronger level enchantment is on the bottom while the lowest is on the top. (The middle obviously being in the middle of the enchantment table.) Maximum level for enchanting is 30. Map & Structures Added Pyramids, a new structure in Desert biomes. Added Jungle Temple. Villages spawned in Desert Biomes now have a different style. Stars are slightly smaller and slightly brighter[19]. Villagers and Mobs Villagers spawned from spawning eggs will get a random profession. Trading with Villagers.[20] Villagers may remove a trade option after it has been used at least 3 times. Pigs now drop 1-3 Porkchops instead of 0-2. Extremely rarely, Nether Portals will spawn Zombie Pigmen. Passive mobs can be easily pushed around by simply walking, most likely intended to help the player navigate through animal farms more easily. Vehicles While sitting inside of a minecart pushing the directional keys will make it move the direction you are pressing. Only works on rails. Boats can accelerate to faster than previous speeds. Boats are now easier to control. Boats will now pass through lilypads without breaking the boat ; the lilypad drops as an item instead. Commands Commands in Singleplayer.[3] The /tp command now allows teleporting to specified coordinates. The syntax for this is /tp [target player] <x> <y> <z>. The other functionality of the /tp command is still there. Added a /publish command to singleplayer to allow LAN connection. Temporary, and isn’t accessible with cheats off. New /seed command that displays the current world seed. Bug Fixes Arrows „warping upwards“ in multiplayer fixed. All multiplayer sounds have been fixed.[21][22][23][24] Better chunk loading in SMP.[25] Fishing lines are now visible in SMP.[23][26] Fix for glitchy mob prediction in multiplayer.[27][28] Using buckets filled with lava no longer consume the bucket when smelting items. Armor and Tool Enchantments now show on multiplayer. Endermen open their mouth and vibrate on multiplayer

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